Affordable Cottage Bathroom Remodel (2)

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They saved money on this project several ways: One, they did all of their own tile work. That saves the most amount of money. For the pieces from RH, they would scour the RH outlet store once a week when they’d drive by. You can sometimes pick up pieces for 25-30% of their original price. Most of the time though it’s about 50% off. They hung their own wallpaper too!

If you have heavy furniture or haven’t purchased any yet, it helps to measure the room and its features first. Then draw the dimensions (graph paper makes it easier), translating the measurements into a scale. For example, if you use a scale of 1 inch on paper = 1 foot of space, a room that is 8 feet by 10 feet will be drawn as 8 inches by 10 inches; if you use a scale of 1/2 inch = 1 foot, an 8 foot by 10 foot room would be 4 inches by 5 inches on the paper, and so on. Note the location and size of doors, windows, hearths, or other features you will need to consider.

Many of the wall mounted types of bathroom vanity tops are commonly made from tempered glass or different types of stone, such as granite or marble. These type of materials are weighty so ensure that the wall mounted vanity will be hung to standard, so that the vanity does not remove itself from the wall and break. Being made from glass and stone, these vanities are durable but will not hold up under a fall.

Unlike those magazine articles mentioned above, this hub is full of storage ideas that will work in bathrooms that really are small. Well, they may not work in a bathroom quite as small as the Hong Kong bathroom shown opposite, but that’s largely because everything would get very wet! Apart from that photo, all the photos in this article are from our own bathroom, so the ideas are tried and tested.

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