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Welcome to Basements 4 You, we are award winning Fort Collins basement remodeling contractors serving Northern Colorado as a full-service Home Remodeling Contractor, we specialize in basement remodeling, basement finishes, additions, and remodels. Serving our community with professional residential construction services for over 13 years, our passion lies in creating the one of a kind high quality space you envision for you and your family.

When looking at it, it’s relatively inexpensive compared to other siding projects. You’ll still get your money’s worth ROI wise. The siding itself is fairly easy to install. There’s not really that much maintenance involved to keep your home looking beautiful. It’s fireproof. Bugs like termites won’t be a problem with the actual siding as they can’t really eat away at it. Plus, if it’s installed properly, you can expect it to last a very long time.

Stucco can be applied directly to cinderblocks, and the process is fairly easy. Since masonry walls are strong, a support system is not required. All that is needed is application of a concrete bonding agent. Traditional application requires a scratch coat, brown coat and finish coat. Advantages of stucco include the unique patterns and textures that can be created to add interest to the basement space. The material is durable and able to accept numerous colors.

You can also add a sink and a shower in your new basement bath that would drain into the Saniflo unit and discharge your waste water. As you use your sink or shower the water drains into the small holding tank in the toilet and when the tank is full the pump automatically turn on and discharges the waste water into the main sewer drain of your house.

Most builders feel that 10% is a fair markup of materials. It takes added time to acquire these items. What you don’t know is that they already have an account where they get a 10% reduction in price. The larger the project the better the bottom line for the contractor. The way to offset this is to get an itemized list of every screw, nail and board. If you agree to pay a markup, do it with the knowledge upfront. Offer to pickup anything needed or pay them a reasonable percentage for their trouble.

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