Basement Finishing

Look here for cheap and time-efficient ideas (because we also don’t have time to sew our own drapes), real stories about great, imperfect homes and gardens, and funny writers who don’t take themselves too seriously.

Hi Vespa! I come up with the most quirky ideas. We have a room in the basement just for the cats. It doesn’t have a door, but there is a doorway. So, instead of buying an $80 door, I re-purposed an old shower curtain with a pretty blue nautical theme that matches the color of the paint down there. So now the cats have privacy. LOL I am just full of ideas.

Chemical stains also need to penetrate into the concrete surface to react with the lime in the concrete. Any materials that inhibit concrete stain penetration, such as grease, oil, or curing membranes, will prevent the color from taking, says Tom Schmidt of Jagger Scored/Stained Concrete, Plano, Texas, a company specializing in decorative staining of residential and commercial concrete floors.

For the upscale projects, a person that replace siding on their home saw an average ROI of 86.7%. That’s a pretty phenomenal figure to have for a home improvement project as you’ll typically never completely recoup the costs of an actual project. As a side note, this was actually down some from the 2007 numbers but still good enough to rank number 1 in these trying times. Duly noted though, vinyl siding replacement actually is on the rise and sits #2 with an 80.4% ROI. Siding replacement costs for the two categories averaged out between $12.5 K to $13k with an outstanding resale value between $10K – $11.5K for the more upscale projects.

Home contractors at Reality Construction LLC build beautiful rec rooms and basements you can escape to for leisure after a hard day’s work. We can create large open areas for pool or foosball tables, or construct underground bars with custom cabinetry, countertops and recessed lighting. Our home remodelers can build you an entertainment room and install a fireplace to set a relaxing ambiance, or install attractive stair walls or railings to descend into your foyer and give your basement stunning visual appeal.

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