Basement Refinishing

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Elastomeric sealant for example can be used to fill and patch minor cracks and flaws. Self levelling compound can be used to fill in low spots on the basement floorA concrete sander can be used to reduce high spotsTile backer board (made from fiber-reinforced gypsum or cement) can be glued to the floor to act as a sub-floor. This will help to level the surface.

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You did all the right things when finishing your basement. You provided drainage, a good sump pump with battery backup. You chose all the right materials for the walls, floor and ceiling. Yet your basement smells musty or you found some mold spots growing in the furniture, fabrics or paper. Although proper waterproofing and good basement finishing choices can greatly improve conditions in the basement, in some cases they will not suffice to control the moisture in the basement.

When it comes to ideas, there are a good number of options that you can explore. But whichever finish you opt to pursue, it is important that the result would complement well with the family’s lifestyle and that the idea will make the best use of the area. One great tip though that may come in handy is that you could take advantage of the ready access to plumbing by adding another bathroom or kitchenette in the plan. Aside from being practical, this an also add more value to your home.

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