Basement Remodeling Contractors

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Marketing Manager Jenny Thompson and Director of Operations Nick Rohe of Thrasher get together to answer some of the most frequently asked questions concerning ways to add extra living space to homes with basement finishing. Don’t disregard moisture control: even with the best waterproofing, it is not unheard of for issues to do with moisture arising. Closely monitor basement moisture levels before and after floor installation, and install a dehumidifier for good measure.

Brighter colors are the name of the game here as children in general love them. Nor should you limit the paint; older dressers can be painted and given a new life. One parent painted an thirty year old dresser in white and metallic blue automotive paint in a beautiful bedroom makeover. and call references. Also check the insurance. Cl ick here for one site that has good examples of what you should ask and do. Building codes also require that basement bedrooms have an emergency exit that leads directly outside, either through a door or a window.

Imagine finishing your basement once at an affordable price by experienced professionals – and having it stay warm, beautiful, and healthy for the rest of your life. With the Total Basement Finishing System, your products come with lifelong security. My husband and I moving out west and are very interested in putting up a Quonset hut. How did your experience go? we remodel our 100 year old home so I think we are up for the challenge. It’s hard to find useful info. I’m curious how you insulated the walls and roof.

Some of the common problems include flooding and water infiltration, in which case an expert needs to be called in to remedy the problem before floor installation can be done. It is important to first seal your basement from moisture infiltration and water before any kind of remodeling work can begin. solution for your customer, or your home. Just ask. Our staff knows their basement product well and are able to answer your concerns or questions. Owens Corning® Basement Finishing System reviews can provide a wealth of information for homeowners who are remodeling their basements. rajan jolly, Thank you I appreciate your comments and I so glad you dropped by. Thanks for the vote.

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