Basement Remodeling & Renovation In Chicago Area

Our latest project has been finishing half of our basement. This is one of the only before photos I have where you can see the old windows and the cinder block walls.

Sometimes a spare bedroom is used as an office, but that doesn’t always offer adequate space. And maybe all of your bedrooms are already being used. Some people convert their basement to not only a home office, but they run their whole company from there. Everything you need to work can be there – phones, fax, internet, etc. And since the space will be used for business, it may be tax deductible (consult your tax advisor for details).

This is an area where paint need not take a back seat to anything – let your imagination (and that of the child) roam free! One memorable bedroom was painted in a light yellow but Dad then dipped a small child’s feet in bright blue paint and, with Dad’s help, the child walked up the wall, across the ceiling and down the opposing wall. Years later any visitor was drug to that bedroom and, with great glee, shown those footprints.

As far as basement flooring ideas go for carpeting, let yourself go wild if you’ve ensured the proper protection. I’m more of a throwback type of person and say go with the shag carpeting. Lush and plush, that’s my style. But you could use basically anything from Shaw carpeting to Mowhak, and how could you go wrong with Stainmaster. You know the saying, stays 30% cleaner with Stainmaster. Not only that, your color options are far superior with carpets. Plus with some of there pattern cut pile or textured carpeting, you could really create a dynamic space.

When putting a wall over a recently constructed frame, sheetrock is the industry standard for a paintable and more durable option. It can help insulate the room due to its density and generally lasts a long time when maintained. If you are trying to significantly drive down costs, using paneling for the walls is an effective option. It is very light, inexpensive and pre-finished in a variety of different sizes and types. Labor costs may also decrease because paneling is easier to transport and work with.

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