Bathroom Remodeling Ideas (2)

Normal everyday people who just want to get a professional look in our small typical size bathroom there is hope after all. Over 90% of the homes are not mansions or million dollar style custom homes and with budgets for us normal people being a little less than the typical millionaire, we have to be creative when decorating our space. Bathrooms are by far the most used rooms in a typical house and yet they tend to get overlooked when decorating. We tend to look at the main entertaining areas of our home first. Below are some ideas that can give inspiration when decorating your small bathroom.

You will find that you will be less likely to break it again IF you make sure that the sliding doors stay in their proper place. While most people think that the doors can slide either way (and they do) – you put less stress and every day strain on the actual door guide IF you make sure that the door closest to the inside of the tub stays on the RIGHT side and the other door stays on the left. If you keep your doors this way and not use the other door to close up the other side, you won’t be creating opportunities to move the doors in a way where it pushes the door guide outward.

Below you can see the new outlets. Yay for electricity! Well, the outlet on the left wall was already there, but Joey updated it. The outlets in the window-wall and vanity are new (and were my idea). I need more places to plug in a blow dryer, curling iron etc! Plus, if Joey uses an electric shaver, it makes sense to have an outlet by the sink. Extra outlets are big selling points too!

Occasionally, but always, space around and above a doorway will naturally lend itself as ideal shelving, as in this DIY Project. As I was already planning to build sufficient shelving for books a further bookcase wasn’t a top priority but shelving to display models was. However, to future proof and to retain flexibility rather than making the shelves less high to fit an extra shelf in I decided to keep the height sufficient to take paperback books if required.

The bathroom is one of the workhorses of the home. Designed for function, the room gets a lot of use and possible damage of water and mold. Like a kitchen, a bathroom remodel may require a professional. Plan your bathoom by exploring a lot of different bathroom layouts and styles. Build a list of your favorite materials for tile or stone flooring, backsplashes or shower surrounds, making sure to note performance and durability.

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