Bathroom Remodeling On A Budget (2)

Brothers Services has been a trusted bathroom remodeling contractor in Baltimore, Maryland for over 30 years.

pegcole17 Did you ever think of calling Ty from need a dream home? JK That would have been allot easier. Me oh my, nice bathroom!! I must look at the kitchen. You are quite the fixer upper. Gods hand must be on you sister. Great job. I pray that all your dreams come true with the sale of the home peg. God Bless you friend. Hugs Galore you need one after this job. Wow I am impressed.

Flooring is a exceptional method to include some nice touches to a small bathroom. You may have the ability to consider a little nicer material given that the space you are dealing with will certainly not require using too much product. If this is the case then you might consider granite flooring because it has actually become so popular over the previous 10 years or so. It can be expensive if doing a kitchen or other remodeling project, however you may be able to manage very reasonable.

I will use a ring hook on the wall under the light switches for the towel hook. And I am using robe hooks for my bath sheets (because yes, I’m a spoiled chica who insists on using massively large towels). I am putting one hook on the tile just to the left of my shower door where my towel will go when I’m taking my shower so it’s within easy reach. And I’m putting two more on the back the door to the bathroom where they will hang the remainder of the time – out of the way, and yet easily reached. Thank you, Kristen!

With the exception of consulting an architect and having the designs drawn up professionally, the only other trades people called in were the plumber, the electrician, and a framing carpenter. All the other work, including tiling, painting, hanging wallboard, and refinishing furnishings was done by the homeowners – two impressive and successful DIY home renovation projects.

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