Better Built Basements

We’ve created and designed this website to provide good information, and to answer the questions we are asked the most often during our visits to the homes of prospective clients. Browse the site. We’ve included basement designs, project photos, videos, and a page dedicated to basement finishing costs. We’ve also included pages to discuss policies, answer questions and provide detailed information about concrete moisture & radon gas.

Basement Doctor of Cincinnati provides you with all the needed means to turn your dirty, dusty, unused basement into the clean, comfortable, usable space it should be, all at a competitive price. Contact us for your free basement finishing quote ! Turn your space around from basement to beautiful! My sister, Pie, used a bamboo pole that was secured to the wall. From it she measured out so many feet of fishing line. To secure the fishing poles to the line, she used Big Names large fishing hooks.

Finished square feet of your basement – I use 1,000 square feet as a good estimate but measure your basement to be more exact. This affects almost every cost related to basement finishing from framing to drywall. It’s probably the biggest factor in determining the cost of a basement. When the design is sound, the workmanship superior, and the enthusiasm focused on you, we are confident you will join our other Columbus area customers in referring us. For 20 years, customer satisfaction has been at the center of our business, because the person who knows best what you want for your basement finishing is you.

I know you’re thinking dust, dust, dust, and well it’s not that bad and when we clean it all takes very little time. I like to rearrange it once it’s cleaned, which is kind of fun. I have items in the basement and sometimes I will change things completely if I’m tired of what I have displayed. Our ceiling is old beams that were here and we left them like that. My husband added two handmade larger beams made them hollow inside for lighting.

So if your wall is 20 foot wide by 8 foot high, the area is 160 square feet. You then divide 32 into that and you come up with (5) 4×8 sheets of sheet rock for that wall. I always buy at least 1 extra for any cutting mistake that may arise. The once-master bedroom had been turned into an office the year before, and the basement bedroom was being remodeled to accommodate a new master suite and full bath.

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