Check Out My Parents’ Bathroom Remodel

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Tile offers you the most in terms of decorative choices when building a new shower area. Tiles can be made of porcelain, granite and other stones, ceramic materials or even glass. With a huge array of colors, sizes and patterns, the design choices are nearly infinite. Hire an experienced, professional tile setter to get the best results and don’t forget that you need to clean and seal grout on a regular basis to prevent mildew growth.

After everything was out of the space that was coming out, including some old shelving units, the walls were washed down with a cleaning solution of hot water and TSP, or trisodium phosphate Care must be taken when using TSP, a corrosive cleaner, so it is best to wear rubber gloves to protect exposed skin. Normally, soap and water would do the job sufficiently, but the former owners of the house had been smokers, so this was a good opportunity to get rid of some lingering tobacco residue still clinging to the walls behind the old shelves.

To make a traditional tubs more like handicap bathtubs, place a sturdy seat inside the tub. A showerhead on a long hose will allow the person to bathe while sitting on the chair. It’s also a good idea to have a slip-proof rubber mat in the bottom of the tub or shower, too. You’ll need one with suction cups on the bottom to keep it in place. Also, the mat should be a different color than the floor of the tub or shower so it will be easy to see.

When it comes to bathrooms, the easiest way to keep costs in line is to stick with the original design and project plan so that the budget doesn’t keep stretching. However, we know sometimes as things come together minds can change and we’re happy to accommodate. Just keep in mind that even the smallest change – like an upgrade to a fixture or moving a sink – can impact your budget.

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