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The Dolmans Facility Management Handyman has the craftsmanship of a specialist combined with the hospitality of a Service-Host. Because of that we have a special and unique combination. We can deploy the handyman on a regular basis or on call.

You may not know this highly influential American artist by his full name, but surely you’ve heard of or at least seen some of his world-famous art glass. Tiffany stained glass windows? Tiffany lamps? Yes, that’s Louis Comfort Tiffany, who also designed glass mosaics and blown glass, jewelry, ceramics, enamels and metalwork. Thank you for using our services last year and we look forward to a great new year together with you all.

This is just….I have no words. All I can say is I wish you the best of luck in everything may God bless you. Thank you for sharing your story I am sure that many people who are currently in a bad position will take hope from reading this. Thanks for your additional input. Everyone will have a similar, yet different problem and it’s great that you shared your exact situation.

At this point, I needed a break. Having made one questionable choice, it’s important not to have the consequences of that choice create a cascade of further bad choices. So I took a few minutes to clear my head, let the frustration disperse, and just think about the project in an unpressured sort of a way. You might even consider wearing safety goggles when you are lying on your back look up at the nuts you are trying to loosen, small pieces of debris will fall and you don’t want that in your eye.

Wire Strippers Wire strippers are again not expensive and make any kind of wiring task much, much easier. Wire can be stripped with wire cutters, a knife or even sometimes a match but the strippers are far superior to any of them. If possible include a set of these in the tool set. I am truly speechless. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and putting a perspective on homeless people that many do not have. Thank you for the great idea!!! My husband and I built one for our daughter and she just loves it. I am still waiting for mine!

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