How To Install A New Showerhead

I have no experience with design and decorating, none-the-less we are a pretty handy family. We did an addition on our house some years ago. We certainly are not new to D.I.Y. projects.

I have several pieces of furniture that I would like to revamp. We hired a residential painting company to make some changes to our kitchen and living room. Once that’s done I’m going to decide how I want to revamp the furniture. It’s going to be such a fun project! I hope this information is useful to all of you who look to hire a contractor to remodel a bathroom. Just make sure to ask questions and do your homework.

Arlene-thanks for sharing your experience. As I had stated in my hub, if I owned the house it would be a major remodeling project-walls down, room expanded, etc. Since it is a rental I don’t have the right to do that, so I make do with the ‘brighten the room’ tips that I offer here. Good luck with your bathroom project, haha. The jig I have is over three feet long and is great for edge to edge joining of any type of wood including chipboard and MDF but not suitable for other types of joints that these small more convenient and more versatile doweling jigs are handy for.

On Her side we placed the sconces directly on the mirror and bumped out the center of the vanity for more counter space. The old chandelier was too small so we relocated it to another room. This is the dining room chandy. We put it here temporarily while we look for a really cool Drum shade chandy. We also added some juniper bushes and other drought-resistant native plants. Around the poplar trees, we made circles of lichen rock and planted hardy catnip.

Rerouting drain line plumbing is a huge job on bathrooms that are built on slabs. If your bathroom is built on concrete with the main stack directly behind the toilet as ours was, stick with a conventional, floor-mounted toilet so you won’t have to chop out the floor and rework the plumbing under the concrete. Even for those kitchens with more than enough packing space, the kitchen organizer simply makes accessibility easier.

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