How To Repair A Popcorn Ceiling

I also did one of the things that you should never do when buying a mobile home, especially an older one (mine is a 1980). I entered into the agreement pretty much sight unseen. I’m not irresponsible with my money with respect to paying bills (I clarified because I think I have 14 pairs of flip flops), but even I knew that this could possibly end badly. I was in a situation where my decisions had to be made quickly and inspecting the home prior to moving was not something I had the luxury of doing.

Mobile homes are now manufactured in all kinds of crazy ways and some folks prefer the term prefabricated (prefab) or modular to mobile home. They even make these things with multiple stories now! Eye hooks and D-rings work better with larger, heavier pictures. Once they are attached to the back of the frame, they are strung with wire which is used to hang the item over the nail, hook, or bolt in the wall. A molly bolt is used to hole items securely to a Sheetrock surface, wall or ceiling where a stud or ceiling joist is not available. Usually not recommended for hanging or attaching anything that weighs over four or five pounds on a wall and maybe a pound on the ceiling tops.

Drywall that has been crushed into an adjacent piece is not acceptable and must be either replaced (preferable) or at least the crushed protruding area trimmed off. Again, any protrusions will result in an unsatisfactory job. Next, peel the paper backing off the back of the patch and place it over the hole so that the mesh surface faces outward. Firmly press the patch in place around the edges of the hole.

When the walls and ceilings in your home need repairs call a skilled and highly experienced professional Sheetrock contractor. I have provided local wall, ceiling and texture repair work locally for over 27 years. Brian is a student-athlete at his university in Indiana majoring in marketing and finance. Brian is also the owner of Fischer Web Solutions. This electrical panel shows it to be 150 amp service. There aren’t any signs of trouble apparent in this photo. I had a roof leak that caused my paint to blister in the center of my living room. It looks like a simple repair but I can no longer walk or climb a ladder. I use a wheel chair.

This is a great article. My father loves to fix things around the house. The problem is, his toolbox is quite heavy and bulky to carry around the house. He ends up going back and forth from one area of the house to another. I ‘ve always thought of buying him a belt bag – one that is big enough to carry all his equipments. Mr. Howards, I like your article on Car Leather &Vinyl Repair:How to DIY AutoSeat Upholstery. Your information is great. Thank you. We have had the same lights on the roof for 20 years (and they stay up 365), Been looking around for some different ideas & like what you have shown here.

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