Remodeling Your Walk

To save yourself some real money when decorating your house, you can buy old, dated or worn furniture at yard sales and thrift stores and then refinish them yourself with simple DIY skills. Creating a refreshed finish yourself is also very satisfying, and you can make your updated furniture to suit your personal taste and to fit in perfectly with your existing home décor and color scheme.

This then gave us good reason to consider renovating the dining room at the same time as modernising the kitchen. Jake and I are both really happy with the way this room turned out, especially because it was even better than our imaginations and mood boards told us it would be 😉 And being able to take a sad, lifeless and literally broken room and turn it into a happy, bright space is just the best feeling, you guys! It might be my favorite room in our house. There’s a wide range of prices for corner bathtubs, depending on the size of the tub, the shape, the depth, and the material from which it’s made.

Such a helpful hub here RedElf! I enjoyed the marvelous photos. (I love shopping…uh…make that looking). Your hub has afforded me several ideas for my own tiny bathroom. Problem is – I rent. So I’m somewhat limited. Thanks! It has been fun writting these. We have had each other in stiches for days now coming up with ideas. Must have been too many years hunting, fishing and camping. This wouldn’t have been near as funny without my siblings and mom. Hmm, I forgot to ask my brothers for their redneck tips. Oh well, I’ll save that for another hub. What a great Hub! Awesome ideas and steps to follow! I also love your tips for cleaning the tub and toilet and make it extra white!

Are you a novice with home improvement? If you want more information, you can find it here. It’s normal to feel this way, but you don’t have to, thanks to the information below. Read these tips to learn how to start your home improvement projects. Next was making the measurements and cutting the laminated chipboard to my bookcase design which incorporates space for a glass fronted jewellery box, as shown in the photos. tear up the subfloor and remove a lot of the walls. Plumbing etc. is all getting rearranged, moving laundry to the front room and shower/toilet to the back for privacy.

Call Katlia Construction at 847-243-6374 to schedule a consultation for your bathroom remodel in Oak Park, Glenview, Park Ridge and surrounding areas in the Chicago, IL, area. Also ask about our other full-service home improvement options including kitchen remodeling, basement renovation, home additions, exterior home improvement and more. Bathroom Remodeling is an art form… and we like to think of ouselves as the Picasso of bathroom renovation.

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