A bathroom is typically a small space, but it has to have a ton of functionality and flexibility while still looking clean and comfortable, preferably spa-like — so it definitely deserves some careful planning when it comes to remodeling to make sure it’s done right. According to US News and World Report, homeowners can expect an average 62 percent return on their investment so long as their remodel isn’t done fast and cheap and includes the things that homebuyers are looking for, like good lighting, two sinks, and neutral colors.

To complete the remodelling of the second bedroom with shelving all that remained was a standard paperback bookcase as a space filler to snug up against the built in ‘cabin’ bed with the top of the bookcase extending along the back of the bed, above and behind the headboard. Do you have any suggestions on the best and least expensive walk in tub/shower for a small guest bathroom? My husband has rheumatoid arthritis and I think he would benefit from a whirlpool walk in tub but I still want a shower in that bathroom for our guests.

My Husband and I are putting 1 up right now. So excited about it. It’s going to be 40 wide x 80 long. Looking forward to it. You can just paint the old range hood for about $6 or so instead. Just use appliance paint for use in high heat areas. This comes in a spray can and works really well. Bathroom sinks are also getting a lot of attention these days. Copper sinks are popular not only because of their visual appeal, but also because of their natural resistance to bacteria.

Poor seating arrangement making conversation uncomfortable or difficult and no table on which to place the offered tumbler or cup of tea. We put hooks on the back of the door to hold towels or robes. We also put a hook beside the shower to hold a towel. We also put hooks inside the closet doors. The process was tough – from beginning to end, not a single thing went as planned or was easy. By the end it was almost funny because we began to expect the unexpected. Wow. This is big! Not in length but in sense- very professional advice. Loved it and bookmarked it to return for more.

Most people will tell you that they get immense satisfaction from doing their own home improvements, are proud of their accomplishments, and ‘wear’ their DIY experiences with pride. However, in addition to this, the do-it-yourself-er has another, very important motivation – saving money! The other benefit of the Compact’s light weight is that we can move it around the campground by hand if we need to using just the hitch wheel it came with. Oh Anne, I’m so proud of you for persevering through your long reno, but what a sense of accomplishment you must be feeling!

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