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It’s really a pain to blog from my cell phone and my part 1 post a few days ago was really incomplete. Here’s to a sleepless night – I’ve been up for hours – and a couple of hours to do a little blogging.

Do you sometimes make your efforts to provide it a facelift but eventually offer in as you can not determine the best ways to proceed? You may likewise get a little edgy as you think that the remodeling job is going to bring in some significant expenses on you. You ought to not get unnecessarily upset on these problems, as there are practical ways to remodel your small bath in an affordable range. Here are some quick as well as cheap bathroom remodeling ideas which are going to assist you upgrade your toilet location. Use these ideas to upswing the aesthetic appeal of the bath as well as squeeze performance from every inch of the washroom. Take a close look.

I inherited peach tile walls, and pale peach paint. I got bored with it very quickly & decided I wanted pattern on the walls. I couldn’t afford wallpaper at the time, so I did some collage on the walls. I have enjoyed it over the years, and it has gotten a lot of complements from guests. After 7 years the colors in the decoupage is fading & I am ready for a change. Looking for some fresh ideas!

Active water leaks and a lack of mechanical ventilation should be among the top priorities for correction. When changes are more than skin deep, improving the building’s envelope with an effective air barrier, vapor retarder and adequate insulation all should be part of the plan. Because humidity levels tend to be very high in a bathroom, extra care should be taken to minimize the risk of moisture accumulation and condensation in wall cavities.

The cabinet company built the vanities and then the construction crew put up the crown molding and trim before the marble was set. I drew out the preliminary cabinet design and then some things changed during the process. We wanted to have a sitdown makeup station but we also wanted the uppers on her side for extra storage. Storage won out! The upper cabinet design also changed from being open with mesh or chicken wire to mirrored with the custom mullions that you see in this photo. That changed our look a little bit to more of a Glam Hollywood look.

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