Staging A Home For Beginners

Basement Remodeling Projects – For the reason that kitchen is a high traffic area frequently, making a purposeful layout is key when planning your kitchen reworking concepts. Basement Kitchen Ideas. To decorate your basement and floor ground, it undoubtedly wants some great basement ideas. Kitchen Backsplash reworking has change into a easy and popular DIY challenge for good purpose.

Basement remodeling is a broad term that can include a variety of possibilities. However, before you embark on any work in your basement, you will need to have it checked for stability and dampness. If you want an extra bedroom in the basement it has to have proper egress, which means a way out in case of fire or other emergency. You will also have to take into consideration the plumbing lines to see if you would need a sewer ejector pump.

In need of a bed? Just dig up a couple of cinder blocks or grab some milk crates. Line them along the floor in shape of a bed frame. (If using both cinder blocks and milk crates, use the cinder block for the inside of the frame. This will give the bed a firm support. Line the milk crates outside the frame, turning them on their sides to where you can use the opening for storage.) Lay a piece of plywood across the blocks or crates, then add the mattress. In no time flat, you have a bed. The storage underneath could be used for clothes, book, or beer.

Engineered wood floors have the aesthetics and feel of a solid wood floor, but offer a stable substrate for the planks. These floors are made of a thin veneer layer of solid wood laminated onto a plywood backing. Because plywood is more stable (dimensionally) than solid wood, the planks are better able to withstand moisture and temperature fluctuation without the risk of warping or cracking.

Before this project started, this Kirkwood, Missouri basement was a dark, wet eyesore. The homeowner first wanted to keep her basement dry, prevent mold, and reduce odors. Once Woods Basement Systems installed a complete waterproofing system with a battery backup sump pump, the homeowner was ready to finish her basement. She didn’t want to use wood framing or drywall, because she knew these organic materials could grow mold if they got wet from a plumbing leak. She asked Woods to install EverLast wall panels, ThermalDry flooring, and a bright, no-sag ceiling. Now, this Kirkwood basement is brighter, healthier, and more comfortable.

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