Green Bathroom Remodel

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With a 5-by-8-foot bathroom combining 1960s décor with original features from 1940, the homeowners hoped to renovate eventually, when they could budget it. They ended up acting sooner after discovering that mold in the bathroom was the cause of their recent breathing and sleeping problems. A house inspection team uncovered the mold infestation and recommended taking the bathroom down to the studs for full remediation. The couple took advantage of the problem to create a visually appealing, nontoxic and mold-resistant bathroom within the existing space. They tailored the bathroom to meet their needs while also keeping in mind future resale.

First, we knocked down the wall between the two spaces and relocated the door. We also removed two full size linen closets so we would have enough room …

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Martha Stewart Green

Guangzhou Metro opened in 1999. The community covers a lot of town center and is one fo principal transportation vehicles in — Guangzhou. The fare ranges from RMB 2 to 12. Most of the signs and announcements are also in English. Tickets are purchased from vending machines within the stations. Bills from RMB 5 —10 or cash from RMB 0.5 — 1 are accepted at ticket merchandising machines. Smaller bills can change at the customer service counter. The ticket is a small plastic token, which use at the gate entering the platform, and on the exit.

The style of the individual, the books are reflected in the particulars. We, ourselves, take on the characters of our homes. No different than we as animal owners begin to seem like our animals? Hmmmm…An inside designers’ dream. Do it your self ideas reduce cost, and provide satisfaction when finished. There isn’t a limit …

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