The Southern Basement Company

With all the different information floating around about how to stage your home for sale, it can be difficult to pinpoint how to start.

Elevation Basements believes that if you do things right the first time, everyone wins. We never cut corners to serve our own bottom line or provide inferior materials to lower costs. Our commitment to our customers is first and foremost and it shows in our work. You can either build your new wall on the floor if you have enough room and if not, you will have to get your bottom plate down and top plate positioned and nailed in your ceiling joist. I love how you used the old dresser as a sink base! Economical and sustainable, not to mention so pretty. Great idea!

Who says you can’t decorate? It seems to me that you have a great talent of seeing things as they can become with a little work and effort. That shelving unit your daughter would have discarded looks terrific! Thanks for showing us glimpses of your kitchen and how you have re-purposed things you have found. Great job! Even if you are not planning to finish you basement, proper drainage will keep your foundation in tack. Water that cannot get away from the house will cause hydrostatic pressure and eventually lead to foundation failure.

Your new-and-improved bathroom looks great! Using a dresser rather than buying a new vanity is a great way to put something to use and save money at the same time. As for your handyman husband, you are very lucky that he can do those types of renovation. If you’re interested in planning and pricing for your remodeling project, Woods Basement Systems, Inc. can help. We would like to offer you a free basement design quote at no obligation. I pulled together a collection of posters, maps and prints from a few places we’ve traveled to. My handy-dandy mat cutter made it easy to use some old frames from Goodwill and a few standard, cheap frames to frame the artwork.

Thanks Rachelrenae, I will have to ask my sister Pie, her hubby is the one that drank them one day and kept the cans. I never thought about them being used for a Denver Bronco curtain…I will have to pass that along. Thanks! Repairs -before anything else, necessary repairs should be prioritized to avoid future problems. Ensure proper and sufficient insulation and waterproofing to make the area fully efficient and most comfortable. starstream, Thank you so much for stopping by. He is very handy but he is elderly now and I can’t ask him to do as much now. He never stops he’s always up to something even when I don’t ask him to things.

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