Two Great, DIY, Small Bathroom Renovations

The bathroom could be considered one of the most important spaces of the house. It is the room where we do our private stuffs and it is also essential that we make it looks good and comfortable. Well, I believe that most of us decorate the bedroom and living room nicely or perhaps have them remodeled, so why not remodel the bathroom too.

When we moved in the small kitchen had no cupboards. The sink was on counter that protruded from a corner capturing nearly all the limited floor space. The first task was to remodel the kitchen. I installed new counter tops and cupboards, a window, dishwasher, and spent a week of my vacation crawling under the house in the dirt, becoming friendly with the spiders, and waiting for a snake to crawl up my pant leg. I also found that the walls were not square, after test fitting an L-shaped pre-fab counter top. After several more weeks of evening work we finally had a new kitchen.

One of the tricks to making a small space feel more spacious is to bring in more lights. Shadow makes a space feel smaller and womblike. Light will brighten up your space and make it feel more expansive. You could add sconces around your mirror or place lighting directly over it. You can also install overhead lighting. One of the great things about lighting is that you can mount it on the wall or ceiling so that it is not taking up floor spaceā€”a precious commodity in a small room.

A bathroom remodel is often a lengthy project, and thus a contractor may ask for money in advance of the work being started and after completion of specific milestones along the way. Make sure that the payment schedule and total amount is agreed upon and put in writing before the start of the project. Then at the end of the project, the contractor will be able to give you an itemized list of everything included in the remodel and how much it costs in total.

I really fond looking a tips like this on how to beautify my bathroom someday. Because I am planning to have my separate home and I am looking for some tips like this and not only on bathrooms but the whole tips on how to beautify the whole house. Maybe I can find more great topics like this and tips. Thanks for sharing your tips here. I will save this tips here for future use. I like your creativity!

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