Vintage Bathroom Remodel

When you are remodeling a small bathroom, you need to make sure that your costs are always in the forefront of your mind.

The shower panel shown here was purchased as a Christmas gift by someone with no knowledge of installation, and was not a retrofit panel. Nevertheless it was decided to modify the connections somewhat and see if it couldn’t be used rather than returning it and choosing something in a retrofit style. It came with hot and cold water hoses that were supposed to replace the existing valve, but it would have meant tearing out the ceramic tile and replacing the wall – some other method of providing water to it had to be found.

One morning I was standing in the kitchen sipping coffee and talking to my son standing next to me. In my peripheral vision I saw something drop from the ceiling and heard a smack when it hit the floor. I looked down to see a 2 foot snake at my feet. Spilling coffee on my shirt as I pranced about and shrieked like a helpless little girl, my son came to the rescue and clubbed the snake with a wooden stool. It had crawled out of an opening around the electrical box underneath a ceiling mounted light fixture.

As chipboard has no wood grain and therefore lacks the inherent strength of real wood chipboard shelving may need more support (dependent on the shelf’s length and depth) to reduce the tendency of it to sag in the middle when heavy objects (such as books) are stored on it for any length of time. This is easily achieved by fixing a shelf support along the back for wide shelves and adding shelf dividers for deeper shelves.

Basically what you want to do when you’ve got all these samples is lay them all out along with your other bathroom elements. You can see we’ve got a sink, a brushed nickel pipe, concrete, and a brown wood tile as our teak-wood stand-in. It may be overwhelming to see it all at once, but here’s the trick: rather than trying to decide what you like best, start by eliminating the things that aren’t working for you. Hopefully this gets you to a manageable place where you can start making decisions. Of course even with this method, we still debated the choices off-and-on for an hour or more.

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