What General Contractors Don’t Want You To Know

She was calling to let me know that she had been featured in another hubbers hub, Cleaning for Company” by Brett Winn Awesome! Now I am shooting over to read that hub for some inspiration. Humor is not kicking in, followed by a lack of topics. I am in need of some serious help here. We chat a bit more, before Mom hints that she wants me to proof” her next upcoming hub. (My grammar sucks, so I don’t see how I can be of any help, but I will give it my best shot.) Before long, we hang up and I am still hung up as to what to write. Then I see this weeks inspiration topic…Easy Home Improvement Ideas.

I have a unfinished basement of approximately 1200 sq ft with roughing. I want to put the Standing Shower and kitchen/bar with sink and dishwasher and knee wall on one side with open entrance to make a open room and few recess lights. Make a room for heating and ac unit. No rooms at all. !! I got an estimate of $16,000 just for the labor and i have to buy the material. Your comments please. Thank You !!

The family room is one of the easiest and interesting rooms for homeowners to remodel. The reason being the huge potential for whatever you decide to do. Simple things like updating the wall decor and the carpet in your family room will increase your homes value, but you can also try more extravagant things like adding extra space, a mantlepiece or even a mini-bar.

I found the cabinet sitting by someone’s trash on garbage day and brought her home. I fixed her up, added some cute paper to the inside and it made the perfect media stand. The DVD player and Wii fit beautifully inside and I don’t have to look at it! We chose this wall to place the TV on because I didn’t want the TV to be the focal point of the room as you walk in. We did add extra wiring in the bookshelf wall in case someone should ever want to mount the TV over there.

Floating Floor: for people with moisture issues, a floor that can be floated is a great choice. This simply means that the flooring is not adhered to the sub-floor, but rather sits on a floating installation. These kinds of floors allow for a moisture barrier to be installed between the flooring itself and the basement’s concrete slab. Laminates and engineered flooring are perfect choices for this kind of flooring.

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