What Is The Best Way To Clean Laminate Wood Floors?

Each project has so many decisions to make; and it can feel like the most challenging decision is which materials to pick.

Before hiring any contractor make sure you do a good background check. Make sure he has a license for the work he’s performing in the state he’s performing it and make sure he has at least liability and workman’s comp insurance. Always check references. See my piece on working with contractors for more details. Really beautiful – and as someone else said, timeless. Love that PB console sink – wish we had the room. Lovely job. Before each step in your renovation, we always make time to clearly communicate the scope of work, deliverables, timeframe, cost, materials and suppliers with you. You can help the HubPages community highlight top quality content by ranking this answer up or down.

Yes, to your question. It is actually an vegetable or potato bin. It makes a great hamper. Hope you will check back to see part 2 of the remodel. If you are a contractor you are welcome to contact me for advice or if you may need help on an upcoming project in the Atlanta area. And for homeowners out there; if your estimate isn’t this detailed you may want to double check exactly what is included before the work begins. Good luck with your next project and best wishes.

But if you don’t have a kitchen island just yet, don’t feel left out. Hanging pendant lighting is versatile enough to enhance any part of your kitchen. Use durable materials that are not unduly affected by moisture. Consider tile made from recycled materials, and use paints, finishes, grout and caulk that are low in volatile organic compounds (low-VOC). Reuse existing subflooring and flooring where possible. Avoid carpeting.

Do not over water bathroom plants. You will find that they need less watering because the humidity in the bathroom helps keep them moist. Accessories are an important part of home decorating. They can make or break a room and are a great way to show off your collections and personalize your home décor. Since the mirrored door could not easily be removed, I took the whole thing to a glass and mirror shop. They replaced the mirror for about $25 in one day.

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