What Is The Cost Of A Basement In 2015 (2)

Basement remodeling is just plain fun. For most people, the basement of the house is merely a place used for storage. The washer and dryer might be down there, but otherwise it’s a place that doesn’t really get used all that much. And in some cases, the basement represents a lot of square footage – that’s a lot of space just going to waste. But after a basement remodeling, that space will be put to good use.

The view to the north from the stairs shows the closets on the north end of the family room more clearly. The pieces of drywall that don’t match the majority are simply scraps left over from prior projects. If you are a handy person and can do some remodeling of your home or basement then as you know you will save an enormous amount of money as I did. The only thing you will need is your building materials and a good imagination of just how you like your finished basement to look. Me either, Simone. Right now all I have is a laundry closet – not much reno to do in there! Thanks for the comment!

Thanks for reading but due to my time out of the business my knowledge is limited with regard to the mfr. you refer to. My article is not manufacturer or price specific. For any number of reasons, many laundry rooms lack adequate lighting. It may not seem important, but when you’re trying to remove stains and iron out wrinkles, good lighting is imperative. They came over on a Thursday to give us an estimate, started working four days later, and within 10 days the basement was ready for taping, mudding, and sanding.

Here at Buck Buckley’s Total Basement Finishing our basement finishing products include a 50-year warranty on our basement wall panels, a 30-year warranty on our ceiling tiles, and a wide variety of waterproof flooring. Ever have a neighbor that loves to look into your windows? Just create a lovely beer can curtain to block their view. Trust me, it will a blinding experience for them.

This basement in Belgium, Wisconsin, really needed a facelift! From a musty bedroom and a cold entertaining space to a bright, warm basement, this family now has a great place to live and play. Peggy W, Thank you so much for stopping back by. I also have shells from Tarpon Springs, silver dollar shells from a beach in Fla and shells my Dad picked up while he was in Italy.

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