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Eco-Friendly Roofing Materials-Pick The Right One

Your roof is an important part of your home appearance because it provides shelter against harsh weather conditions such as rain, cold, heat, snow and sleet. Also known as green roofs, eco-friendly roofs are covered by vegetation. These kind of roofs have various advantages like improving insulation and absorbing rainwater. Your roofing preferences can affect other home aspects such as its durability, heating, cooling and maintenance. You have a variety of colors and materials that you can select to use for your roofing needs. Eco-friendly roofing materials can be used by any homestead, and they assure the occupants of that house safety. As stated, eco-friendly materials are made of recycled materials that reduce pollution caused during manufacturing.

One of the notable benefits of green roofs is that they prevent cooling and heating of a building. During the hot periods, these eco-friendly roofs make a barrier from the sun preventing overheating and during the winter periods heat is prevented from escaping the building. It is a fact that these eco-friendly roofs can reduce city temperatures especially when these roof are close together. Green roofs provide natural habitats for some insects and plants. Plants on roofs go through photosynthesis to supply the atmosphere with oxygen. Green roofs purify water making it safe to drink.

Fiberglass batts are materials that can insulate your home well and it is mainly used in older homes. The other material is cellulose fiber which consists of recycled materials from old newspapers. This roofing is insulation are blown into the area using a compressor and are more expensive than fiberglass batts. Natural advantage of wool is that it is resistant to fire making it a more effective material. Soy insulation is made from soybean and it only needs to be sprayed on the part needed, and it sticks firmly. Spray form also acts as a sealant filling the gaps of your roof making it to last longer. The traditional materials used to insulate roofs are blankets and rolls but are not that useful with blocking radiant heat that the sun emits. You do not have to exert unnecessary efforts to detach it.

Radiant barrier foil and radiant barrier paint function in the same way, only that this one requires expertise to work with. As eco-friendly roofing technology continues to advance, new systems are likely to offer more advantages. The latest advancements might make roofing a cheap venture to carry out. Eco-friendly roofs however remain a better choice while at the same time providing other benefits. More and more companies are embracing green roof technologies unlike the previous older methods and soon all the households will have adopted this idea.

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